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Our sleep system can be combined with our Ergomotion® Sleep Apps, allowing users to easily manage their Smart & Adjustable Bed and access detailed sleep data on their smartphone. These apps provide near-medical quality data and trends through non-contact, high-accuracy intelligent biometric sensors that monitor and track sleep quality.

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Revealing Zzz-ential Sleep Data

Visualization of Sleep Quality Monitoring

Sleep Quality Monitoring

The Smart Sensors in the bed track Sleep Durantion, Light and Deep Sleep stages, body movements... to generate a Sleep Score of the overall sleep quality, raging from from 0 to 100.
Visualization of Sleep Reports.

Sleep Reports

Generates a comprehensive review of rest and sleep data over 1 day and 30 days and compare biometric on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Visualization of Average + Real Time Heart and Respiratory Rate Tracking

Average + Real Time Heart and
Respiratory Rate Tracking

Access to overall health insights through real-time data analysis. The system track heart and respiratory rates during sleep and provides an average... It can also track these metrics in real time, revealing relevant information for monitoring health in general.
Visualization of Anti-Snore Intervention System.

Anti-Snore Intervention System

Our Smart Beds are engineered to reduce snoring for both the snorer and their sleep partner. When snoring is detected, the bed automatically elevates the head section to clear airways and minimize throat obstruction, effectively reducing snoring.

... and Much More

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Alarm Position Preset app screen.

Alarm Position Preset

By setting the alarm function, the users can wake up gently without the jarring sound of an alarm clock. Automatically activating the Vibration motors or the Zero-G® position will ease you into the day, making waking up a comfortable experience.

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Remote Control app screen.

Personalised Recommendations

Combining with an integrated ecosystem, the app delivers personalised recommendations to use the bed at its full potential, according to users' fatigue and previous sleep score, aiming to maximise their recovery.

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Sleep Care

This function enables a user to check the sleeping status of their family members, even if they are residing in a different location.

Ergomotion application screenshot, that represents the remote control of the bed.
Remote Control app screen.

Remote Control

Easy adjustment of the Ergomotion® bed with your smartphone as a remote control for greater comfort. With just a few taps, optimise your sleeping position, relax in Zero-G mode, enjoy a rejuvenating massage and create the perfect mood with LED lighting.

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Alarm Position Preset app screen.Personalised Recommendations app screen. Sleep Care app screenRemote Control app screen.
Ergomotion®  Sleep Assist app logo
Sleep Assist

Sleep Tracking and anti-snore functionalities, enabling a better understanding and monitoring of sleep patterns and rest quality.

Provides multiple health and sleep data and trends of near-medical quality, furnishing comfort customisation and valuable real-time data.

Enables to track and know the sleep status of other family members, even in a different residence.

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Ergomotion® ErgoSportive app logo

Integration with wearable devices and other ecosystems, allowing the sync between the Smart & Adjustable bed to external fitness trackers, obtaining a wider range of health data.

Personalised recommendations based on 24/7 data from physical activity and sleep quality registered by synchronisation between systems.

The ideal sleep app for those who prioritize overall health and performance.

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Access to ErgoSportive™ Sleep Report Daily on Garmin® Wearables

The Garmin integration transmits the daytime data from the watch to the ErgoSportive APP to get a 24 hour health overview.

An image of a man who puts a Garmin wearable on his wrist
An image of Garmin wearable and screen with ErgomotionSportive App.