Comprehensive Partner Support Empowering Your Success

Sales Support

Our knowledgeable sales team can help expand your business with smart, adjustable beds. They offer guidance in product selection for your market. Sales training is essential for Ergomotion bed success, including technical details, health benefits, and usage tips. Regular training leads to a 20-30% sales boost.

Sales team expertise in smart and adjustable beds.

Guidance for business expansion with sleep systems.

Sales training importance for Ergomotion bed success.

Training content includes technical details, health benefits, and usage.

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Marketing Support

At Ergomotion, we prioritize marketing for sales success. We assist clients with marketing activities for Smart and Adjustable beds. Our support includes strategy guidance, printable materials, POS proposals, and digital campaigns. We are committed to our clients' success.

Commitment to client success.

Assistance with various marketing activities.

Guidance in promoting and presenting products.

Provision of printable materials.

Promotion of digital campaigns.

Customer Service

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Technical Training

At Ergomotion, our customer service team provides in-person and online technical training to ensure a deep understanding of our products. Topics include product identification, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and servicing procedures

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Efficient Second-Level Support

Ergomotion offers accessible second-level support through email or phone for claims, with a consistently high parts qualification rate exceeding 99.47% since 2018 across 80,000+ beds in Europe and the Middle East.

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Warranty Spare Parts

When you place an order for our products, we'll include warranty spare parts in the initial container shipment. This will enable you to provide quick support to your customers.