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people lay down bed ergomotion
April 30, 2024
2,15 min read

The Future of Wellbeing is Adjustable: Takeaways from FIBO 2024

Exploring the fascinating intersection of the wellness industry and the sleep industry, which have so much in common in their origin, gave a vision of new business opportunities that can be created.
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leading quality ergomotion
April 30, 2024
2,45 min read

Leading Quality: How Ergomotion® Ensures Exceptional Product Quality

In today's competitive market, customer satisfaction is paramount. People want products they can rely on, and businesses must prioritize quality to build trust and loyalty.
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March 7, 2024
1,50 min read

Unlocking the Power of Communication: How can Sleep Companies make a difference?

As Sleep Awareness Month unfolds, it's an opportune time for businesses in the sleep and bedding industry to deepen their engagement. This month-long observance serves as a powerful catalyst for raising awareness about the importance of sleep and the pivotal role that sleep products and services play in enhancing overall well-being.
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March 6, 2024
1,40 min read

Revolutionizing Wellness Business: Ergomotion® returns to FIBO

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at FIBO – Global Fitness in Cologne for the second year in a row. As leaders in sleep technology, we're committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to rest.
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April 9, 2024
5,36 mins read

The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Perspectives & Priorities

We believe that the future of sleep lies with sleep-tracking, algorithmic Smart Systems embedded in adjustable bases. We dream to one day transform the bed into a health hub.
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man sleepin in the morning
March 4, 2024
6min read

Dysania - Here Is Why We Can't Get Out Of Bed

In today's fast-paced world, a good night's sleep has become somewhat of a luxury. It’s not uncommon to wake up and still feel exhausted, a condition known as dysania, which can significantly affect daily life and well-being. Through this article, we explore in-depth the role of our innovative ergonomic beds in combating dysania. With features like sleep tracking, and gentle wake-up mechanisms, our beds aim to transform your sleep experience, help you understand your sleep patterns, and ultimately enhance your sleep health. Stick around as we delve into each feature and provide insights into how you can overcome dysania and wake up energized and ready to seize the day!
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Sleepy man holding his pillow
February 7, 2024
6 mins read

Why do humans need sleep?

Sleep is essential for almost all organisms on the planet. People are designed to fall asleep for several hours each day, but do we need sleep? In this article, we will dive and explore all the science behind the question - Why do humans need sleep?
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January 19, 2024
2 mins read

Strengthening Bonds: Elevating Product Excellence Through Strategic Partnership

The Ergomotion® team met recently with one of our valued partners, Pikolin, at the Ergomotion® facilities in China.
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