Industry-Leading B2B Smart & Adjustable Bed Manufacturer

As a global Sleep Technology company, we are dedicated to creating smart, ergonomic, and tailored solutions for businesses across various industries. With our innovative technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, we seek to revolutionise how people enhance comfort and overall well-being.


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production operations are supported by Clean Photovoltaic solar energy

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Our philosophy is based on the values of Credibility, Innovation, Technology, and Lifestyle, and our vision is to position Smart & Adjustable beds at the forefront of the wellness ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive sleep technology solutions that take an integrated approach to wellness through sleep and regeneration.

Ergomotion® Campus building.

Ergomotion® Offices

Ergomotion®'s head office is located in Santa Barbara, California, USA, also known as the "Tech Coast". We also have offices in Asia (China) and Europe (Portugal).

Lisbon - Europe
Jiaxing - China
California - USA

Recognized Leader in Quality in the Manufacture of Adjustable Bases

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Pioneering Innovation

Our focus on quality and responsiveness is at the heart of everything we do. We take complete ownership of our supply chain and only utilize the finest materials, ensuring that every base we offer is exceptional.

Commitment to Excellence and Quality

We're committed to excellence, handling all manufacturing in-house at our world-renowned production facility, the largest Smart & Adjustable Manufacturing Campus globally.

Embracing Sustainability

We're dedicated to a sustainable future, prioritizing eco-conscious materials like eucalyptus and EPE foam to reduce our ecological footprint.

Exceeding Industry Standards

At Ergomotion®, we set the standard by not only meeting but exceeding international industry benchmarks. Our products are engineered to outperform and endure, delivering lasting comfort and support.

The origin of Ergomotion®


Ergomotion® launch

Alain Clénet - the founder of 


Zero-G® trademark


Ergomotion® integrates Keeson Technology Group

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European Headquarters Open in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Smart System launch


Keeson Smart Industrial Automation Factory Oppening

Vietnam Production Facilities

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Launch of the beds designed by Simone Micheli

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Integration with external smart data ecosystems

Mexico Production Facilities


Keeson is official Olympic smart bed supplier

E-Commerce launch

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Ergomotion®EU bed and a man standing next to him who controls the functions of the bed


Lisbon European HQ & Showroom Opening

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