November 23, 2023
3 mins read

CUSTOMER POINT OF SALE: Vogue Fyrir Heimilið, Iceland

Retail & Selling
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An image of Ergomotion® beds in the showroom.

Over the last two years, Ergomotion® has supplied and supported customers on their own journey, according to their business goals.Now is the time to create differentiating solutions that help the clients communicate the Adjustable & Smart beds differently.



General Manager, Vogue Fyrir Heimilið, Iceland


[EM] Your relationship with Ergomotion® has already gone a long way. What were the reasons that led you to trust Ergomotion® as a business partner?

[SR] We started to work with Ergomotion in 2009. The reason why we started the relationship was that we really liked the products, Ergomotion assured us that they had the best service and always delivered on time. The beds are really top of the line, long lasting and problem free. The look of the beds fits our market 100% and the Ergomotion team is really supportive when it comes to product development and special requests. The outstanding technology Ergomotion is offering is really one of a kind so we are really happy with the beds all around.

[EM]What motivated you to start and implement this type of communication in your store?

[SR] We decided to “walk the extra mile” when we branded Ergomotion in our store recently. Having a big display of the beds and technology on the walls has made the sale so much easier, customers gets so much information right away so the conversation is on a totally different level. It is amazing sales tool, the display answers so many questions and highlights the benefits of the beds.

[EM]How have customers reacted to this solution?

[SR] Our customers are really amazed when they see the “genes” (if we can say so) of Ergomotion right there on the wall. The conversation is really good and positive. Now the conversation is not “if” they should buy an Ergomotion bed, its about what model they will buy.

[EM]Do you feel that this customized point of sale helped boost product communication, attracting buyers and highlighting the product?

[SR] By presenting Ergomotion in such an extraordinary way, sales have increased a lot and our goal for next year is a number that really counts in our business plan. The best thing about it is that this is a real attraction in the store and it really attracts customers, also customers that are not looking for adjustable bed.

[EM]Which changes do you expect this solution to bring to the business, the store, and to the increasing knowledge of this type of product?

[SR] We expect this solution to get more focus on Ergomotion in our store and help with brand awareness. We are selling a total sleeping solution by selling Ergomotion with the mattresses we are offering.

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