April 30, 2024
2,15 min read

The Future of Wellbeing is Adjustable: Takeaways from FIBO 2024

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Attending FIBO 2024 as an exhibitor, validated that sleep and recovery are at the top of fitness and wellness players' minds. Exploring the fascinating intersection of the wellness industry and the sleep industry, which have so much in common in their origin, gave a vision of new business opportunities that can be created. 

If hotels are expected to offer gym and spa areas and services to their clients, it is now common to find fitness centers looking to provide relaxation and recovery spaces. And why not use beds?

The first reaction was surprising to those who visited and exhibited at the biggest fitness fair in the world. A stand with beds? In a Fitness fair? However, it was easy to explain and fit Ergomotion® and Smart & Adjustable beds in this context, considering the existing awareness about the importance of sleep and how the hours we spend daily in a bed should and can effectively regenerate and positively impact the next day.  

I feel we are living the Holistic Wellbeing concept involving physical, mental, and emotional health. And it is not a secret that adequate sleep is a cornerstone of overall wellness. On a stage of health-conscious people, as FIBO is, they understand sleep as a vital component of their lives and recognize that quality sleep directly impacts daily performance. So, people seek solutions that enhance recovery and sleep quality. Totally aligned with the Ergomotion® tagline presentation for FIBO - "Sleep like a Champion, wake up like a Legend."

With a relaxation cycle of 5 minutes synchronized with our Smart & Adjustable beds, it was clear to those tested at FIBO that Ergomotion® bed features like zero-gravity position, vibration motors, head and foot adjustment are the perfect combination for relaxation postures and to achieve a better sleep and stress relief.

Adding to this, Ergomotion®beds include sensors that add features like automatic anti-snoring responses, silent alarms, and sleep tracking that allow the user tounderstand their sleep better and identify sleep patterns, heart rate, breath rate, and movements during the night, the type of data that helps the user optimize their sleep routines.

I can confirm that Smart & Adjustable beds bridge the gap between wellness and sleep. As a multifaceted product, our beds offer comfort, customization, and relaxation, fully aligned with the wellness industry's principles. I am confident that the wellness industry will likely embrace these advances.

The wellness and sleep technology industries work together to improve sleep and recovery. Witht he advancement of technology, we can look forward to more excitingd evelopments at the intersection of wellness and sleep.

Investing in quality sleep is no tjust a luxury, it is a wellness essential!

By Mónica Araújo, Marketing Director

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