January 19, 2024
1 min read

Revolutionising Online Journey: Our Brand-New Website Is Live

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly renovated website.

We are now prepared to communicate clearly and provide a seamless experience for ourvalued customers and potential clients. Our revamped website is a testament toour commitment to enhancing your interaction with us.

What's New:

Customer-Centric Design: Our websitehas been transformed to ensure a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Navigate with ease and discover the information you need effortlessly.

Tailored Content: We'verefined our content to cater specifically to visitors ‘and customers' needs. Whether you're exploring our products, seeking industry insights, or reachingout to our team, the information you're looking for is just a click away.

Enhanced Communication Channels: Connect with us more efficiently through our improved communication channels. We've streamlined our contact forms and provided direct access to our Sales andCustomer Service team, making it easier for you to reach us.

Why the Change, by Mónica Araújo, Marketing Director

Start 2024 by launching a new website with a new CRM on the backup as the starting point oflead generation, reveals Ergomotion's new digital strategy focused on the B2B target and offering a fast and improved service.

We aim to strengthen the relationship with our stakeholders and ensure your journey with Ergomotion® is exceptional. For that, this website's redesign focuses on providing a smoother, more enjoyable experience, whether on a desktop or mobile device, tailored toyour preferences and needs.

We are dedicated to establishing a stronger connection with EMEA and LATAM markets, keeping them informed about the latest industry trends, product updates, andcompany news.

Let's start 2024.

Take a moment to explore our website and discover the ways we can assist you in enhancing your business.

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Elevate your business with Ergomotion®.

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