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June 9, 2021


Smart adjustable beds have been gaining market share, especially in specific areas of the world where the concept has already taken root for many years. It’s even the first thing that comes to mind when the bed concept is mentioned.

In Europe, this concept has also been on the rise. Whether with changes in customer behaviour, or with the increasing awareness regarding the importance of sleep, or at the level of proven outcomes when we consider the benefits of adjustable beds.

If we then proceed to complement this with the added value of being equipped with intelligent systems, we are no longer talking about a merely adjustable bed, but rather a more complete bed – we are talking about an intelligent bed.

The smart Ergomotion® bases have been improved over the last decade, placing great focus on the technological response to consumer needs, providing an increasingly effective response to the market today.

But what are the real advantages?


What distinguishes an adjustable bed from a regular bed is first and foremost its shape. It is adaptable to any body and any need and, above all, a versatile bed, without the need for extra accessories, such as pillows bought for a specific purpose – watching TV, for instance – without the need for a leg-raising accessory, etc.

Versatility in face of the users’ needs is undoubtedly a key distinguishing feature.


When we talk about an adjustable bed, we are no longer talking about a space whose sole function is to support sleeping or resting bodies. We are talking about a higher level of comfort and health improvements.

Their features make them our greatest allies in the fight against various pathologies, such as sleep apnea, poor blood flow, heartburn, respiratory problems, muscle pain and the often ignored poor body posture.


Adjustable beds’ versatility leads us to point out their convenience.

These beds are increasingly becoming leisure and work areas. Be it to watch TV, read a book or even sit at the computer and work.

Please do not think that this is synonymous with sedentary lifestyles, not at all! On the contrary. This convenience takes us to a dimension of adapting the space to the needs of those who use them, ensuring adequate postures to their own activities and there are also those who use them as genuine allies in the practice of certain fitness activities, such as Yoga or stretching.


Currently, adjustable beds are the only sleep platform equipped with Zero-G technology.

But what is zero-g after all?

Have you ever imagined, at the end of a working day or at the end of a sports workout, being able to rest in the best position? Yes, it is possible. We are talking about the Zero-G concept.

Zero-G is a position in which the legs are elevated above the heart to increase circulation. At the same time, the head and shoulders are also slightly elevated. The position was actually designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a launch position for astronauts. The Zero-G position took the pressure of the rocket launch off of the astronauts’ spines.
It’s also the same position that the body naturally assumes when floating in zero gravity. With just one touch of the Zero-G pre-set button, the ErgoBed will elevate your feet above your heart, allowing for increased circulation and less stress and pressure on the lower back. Less pain means more and better sleep, and more and better sleep means a better day tomorrow.

All we can promise and warrant is that you will never get enough.


Technology has been at the “base” of our “bases” since the very beginning. Both in the development of any of our bases, and in the technological advances they have undergone, particularly at the Smart System level.
The Ergomotion® Sleep Assist App is the way to connect with Ergomotion’s Smart Bed System. It allows the user to control the adjustable bed and view sleep data on their smartphone.

Through real-time monitoring, the Sleep Assist App provides data and trends of near-medical quality, such as:
– Sleep duration, including time asleep and time awake;
– Snore intervention times;
– Average respiration and heart rate;
– Turnover times;
– Sleep score, an indicator of user overall sleep quality;
– Sleep report: a review of user sleep concerning 1 day and 30 days.

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