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NEW COLLECTION | Ergomotion® EU presents a new chapter for the Smart & Adjustable beds’ world

June 17, 2022

NEW COLLECTION | Ergomotion® EU presents a new chapter for the Smart & Adjustable beds’ world

As a global sleep technology company renowned for its product quality, design, and customer service, Ergomotion® Europe presents its new collection for Europe and the Middle East. This collection marks the beginning of a new era for the company and the market, offering a new range of products to respond to different needs and trends.

Now, Ergomotion®’s Smart & Adjustable Beds come in many different shapes and forms, each tailored to the different markets and consumer needs, improving sleep through the smartest and most innovative technology.

Those beds already carry the promise of revolutionizing the future of sleep, with huge potential to culminate comfort, relaxation, and balance for those who dream about a healthy and smart lifestyle.With a range of beds that includes its most famous and high-tech beds, such as the ErgoSmart, Ergomotion® also presents two new versions of the ErgoBox in this new catalogue, with greater versatility in terms of storage and mechanisms.

Another excellent novelty introduced by this new collection is the ErgoSportive bed, the only bed in the market connectable with Garmin® wearables. This unique base, which is the slimmest adjustable base ever seen, comes from the collaboration between the two brands and is made for sportive, active, and health-aware people, who aim to know their bodies better and seek to improve their recovery and sleep health.

With smart and personalized recovery advice for each user’s energy expenditure, they can now achieve full recovery through smart sleep.

Additionally, ErgoAdvance, a novelty for those who want and deserve maximum and absolute level of comfort, is also debuting in the new collection. And to complete the collection, we highlight the unique and sophisticated beds designed by Simone Micheli.

Sleeping in an Ergomotion® Bed and getting a good night’s sleep as a consequence has been a perfect combo for those who are looking for a balanced lifestyle, combining health and wellbeing.

Top materials, German engineering and high aesthetic standards are other critical points for the recognition of Ergomotion® Smart & Adjustable Beds, which are no longer just beds for sleeping and resting, but a premium and relevant piece of furniture with Smart features that provide users with information regarding their wellbeing, such as sleep tracking, snoring intervention and other smart functions that take the Ergomotion® experience to another level.