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My beds for Ergomotion®

September 1, 2020

My beds for Ergomotion®

When I met the great world of Ergomotion® everything has been clear to me!

Through progressive steps, I became aware of the extremely performing technological systems of the “dynamic bed” products realized by this important and qualified company. I greatly appreciated the dynamics created by the company capable of defining extraordinary osmosis between person and object and I immediately understood that my job would not have been simply to shape a bed but it would have been intellectually more demanding! I have created for Ergomotion® products with bold, vigorous and delicate and linear features at the same time.

I have created timeless shapes capable of silently joining different and variable furnishing features.

I created shapes without edges, soft, sinuous, sensual kicks to make every user fall in love.

In this particular historical moment, I believe that products must have more and more identity and recognizability to play a lion’s role in the global market. Words such as distinctiveness and iconicity will have to become more and more real banners capable of making incredible and extraordinary objects originate in the minds of creators and producers.

The products of today and tomorrow will have to be increasingly conceived as real sustainable works of art!

The collection I designed for Ergomotion® talks about this!

It speaks about a new relationship between man, space, time.

It is a family of products that through my thought, my careful reflections and analysis, wants to transform complexity into simplicity, wants to make its unique and captivating voice heard without screaming, wants to be appreciated for its delicate recognition, its peculiar geometries, the intelligent and supercurrent choices of coating, the content, technology and lexical strength merged into an extraordinary unicum.

By Simone Micheli, Architect