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How do adjustable beds respond to the mattress, furniture, and bedding industry?

May 28, 2021

How do adjustable beds respond to the mattress, furniture, and bedding industry?

We are living really exciting times. The Age of Bezos, Musk and Cook is revolutionizing multiple industries and changing not only business but our personal lives for good. We don’t ignore the challenges of our days, but even a global pandemic couldn’t stop the ingenuity of American businesses, the strength of Asian economies or the stability of European markets. Playing a very important underlying part in them all is Technology.

And we at Ergomotion® are at the forefront of Sleep Technologies.
When someone asks me “how do I think adjustable beds respond to the mattress, furniture, and bedding industry?”, I think tech is the first answer that comes to my mind. From the more basic aspect of bringing motion lifestyle bedding as an alternative to traditional bases and all the benefits, this simple change adds as value to the next more sophisticated level that is making the adjustable bed smarter through new connectivity, sensors and apps.

As the saying goes, “What gets measured gets improved”, and that’s one of the aspects in which Sleep Technology can serve you best. Giving you reports about the quality of your rest and recovery so you can make the changes you need to be your best self while performing your daily activities and live your life more fully.        

But tech and information are not the full answer. Tech matters inasmuch as it is infused with Wellness and Design, and that is the beauty of it. We are not only manufacturing adjustable bases, we are also participating in larger societal trends. Regarding Design, I can mention how we bring this Art intersection that really enjoy to the industry. Through our partnership with multi-award-winning Italian Architect and Product Designer Simone Micheli, for instance, we embrace and show this aspect more clearly, with products designed artistically from their inception.

When we think about Wellness and quality of life, we cannot help but notice that sleep has been increasingly gaining more media coverage with “good sleep advocates,” like Arianna Huffington and Matthew Walker becoming household names, or NBA athletes sharing their use of wearables for better monitoring and measuring of their recovery after practice and games. This new level of awareness is great. It doesn’t only mean good business but, more importantly, better societies with healthier, happier and more productive people, because that is what happens when more people get proper sleep.

Technology. Design. Wellness.
That’s our Trivium.
That’s our way and where we see the industry going.

Join the movement!

By Thiago Martins, Account Manager Latin America