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Sleep and technology: what does the future hold?

July 26, 2021

Sleep and technology: what does the future hold?

As we all know, sleep is essential to everyone’s health and, with a higher quality of sleep, our body and brain will be more energized, positive, and motivated.

A century ago, Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman launched the first sleep lab, where the attributes of sleep were analyzed for the first time. However, today, slightly more than 100 years after, we have sleep analyzing systems integrated in our own beds, which can tell us more about our sleep than what we can feel, and this is only the beginning of the evolution of sleep technologies…

Today’s Ergomotion® technologies can help us track and analyze the quality of our sleep to check how it varies throughout a long period of time. Along with that, we can analyze our daily habits, which can reduce or improve our sleep quality. Even a small technological feature can mean a lot to our body’s rest quality. Let’s talk about a sleep reminder feature, which is a very simple thing, nonetheless, by following its recommendations, our sleep quality can increase highly, bringing positive changes to both body and mind.

However, the main question and most curious point of this technology is – what is it going to be like in the future or, at least, what can we expect?

Many science journals are talking about future expectations in sleep technology, but let’s focus and talk about sleep technology integration and technological updates in our bedrooms. We can begin by saying that neuroscientists can already monitor our brain activity and determine its different reactions to various situations, emotions, feelings, etc. Integration of brain activity monitoring sensors could take us to a whole new level of sleep analysis. This feature could provide an in-depth monitoring of our deep and light sleep, because these two factors are responsible for the quality of our sleep. Just imagine a blindfold you can put on which will be able to track and analyze your brain activity.

Of course, we can also discuss some small updates and innovations which will soon be available in the market, or features that already exist, but will become easier to integrate to more beds than currently, to make our sleep even more comfortable. We are talking about:

  • Heating/cooling of the mattress, along with the temperature tracking system, which will allow you to get comfortable in no time, without getting too cold or too warm, regardless of the temperature outside the bed.
  • A respiratory tracking device that will allow you to manage your respiratory rate to reduce it and fall asleep faster.
  • A smart bed feature, which will allow you to connect your bed to many other smart devices around your house.

We can say that technology is set to become sleep’s friend, and we are already seeing and feeling many of its benefits, but what does the future hold? If you want to know, please join, follow us and be the first to be introduced to the latest sleep technology features and upgrades which will lead you to an improved quality of sleep and a healthier and better future.

By Sarunas Ruskulis, Customer Support Manager