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CUSTOMER SMART CORNER: Restonic, Middle East

October 14, 2021

CUSTOMER SMART CORNER: Restonic, Middle East

Over the last two years, Ergomotion® has supplied and supported customers on their own journey, according to their business goals.
Now is the time to create differentiating solutions that help the clients communicate the Adjustable & Smart beds differently.


Administrative Assistant, Restonic, Middle East

[EM] Your relationship with Ergomotion® has already gone a long way. What were the reasons that led you to trust Ergomotion® as a business partner?

[EC] Every successful business relationship must be built on trust.
Communication plays a big role in healthy partnerships especially when dealing with international suppliers/distributors. Ergomotion’s ongoing development, consistency, determination and solid product has led us to entrust them as our business partners.

[EM] What motivated you to start and implement this type of communication in your store?

[EC] The motivation came from the variety of advanced products released by Ergomotion lately. Our early relationship, and to spread awareness of smart sleep solutions in our region.

[EM] How have customers reacted to this solution?

[EC] Astonished by the design and futuristic layout but still need time to properly understand the value of the product.

[EM] Do you feel that this customized point of sale helped boost product communication, attracting buyers and highlighting the product?

[EC] This is only the beginning and still at its early stages. Clients are still learning that this technology and hospital beds are two different things. Our region is new to smart sleeping solutions but growing day by day. The solution has helped boost sales and draw attention and still has a long way to go before reaching its maximum potential.

[EM] Which changes do you expect this solution to bring to the business, the store, and to the increasing knowledge of this type of product?

[EC] Better understanding of the product, a more techy space in the store as opposed to traditional bedding, raising curiosity in customers and making a futuristic statement.