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3 reasons every customer deserves an “Ergomotion® Experience”

February 9, 2022

3 reasons every customer deserves an “Ergomotion® Experience”

Aimee Griffiths explains why showcasing a lifestyle, not just a bed, is the key to improving our customers’ lives, one Ergomotion® base at a time.

1. They don’t know it exists.

Bed shopping isn’t something that most people do every day. Actually, research shows most customers only purchase a mattress on average once every 8.7 years.

Last time your customer shopped for a mattress, do you think they would have been demonstrated the benefits of an Ergomotion® base back then? While Ergomotion® bases existed, there were only around 500,000 motion bases sold in the US. In 2020, there were almost 4 million motion bases sold in the US – that’s 700% growth and rapidly growing each year.

It’s a technology that our customers are telling us they cannot live without. Imagine going to purchase a new phone, and getting sold the same old technology, then later realizing that you missed out on the latest features that make life easier and more comfortable. Would you be happy? No way! Simply demonstrating an ergomotion® base may also increase customer retention.

If you demonstrate the Ergomotion® advantages for your customer, even if they do not purchase an Ergomotion® base today, they may decide to purchase the Ergomotion® in a month, or a year, which increases your customer return frequency from an average of 8.7 years to twice in that time span. If you don’t take this opportunity to demonstrate an Ergomotion® base, your customer may not learn about it for another 8.7 years.

2. The Diderot effect.

This behavioral theory was discovered in the 1700s when the philosopher and writer of a most famous Encyclopedia was gifted a beautiful coat. Because the coat was so beautiful, he started to notice all the things in his home were not as beautiful as the coat. He purchased a rug, then more and more beautiful items to compliment the coat.

Once we purchase something of quality (in our case, a new mattress), we start to notice how inferior the surrounding items are. When someone purchases a new house, they often purchase new appliances or furniture. Not because they don’t already have these items, but they want the better quality to match the quality of their new home.

You’ll notice this when you purchase new clothes, you want shoes and accessories to match. If you buy your child a new doll / race track, you buy all the extra doll accessories and cars because they match the item better.

In turn, your customer will want to purchase matching items to the quality of their new mattress, whether it be sheets, pillows, or an Ergomotion® base. If you don’t offer these items, chances are your customer will buy them elsewhere. Just like there’s a mattress for every budget, there’s an Ergomotion® for every budget too.

3. They want it or even need it.

Often, it’s not until we demonstrate the features of the Ergomotion® base that our customer confides in us about their reasons for needing/wanting one. (Please always take the time to pause and listen to your customer during the demo).

We hear them tell us, “John has sleep apnea”, or “I have poor circulation, and my ankles swell”, “I’ve just had a knee operation”, “I get terrible lower backache”, or “Oh wow, I need this!”. Remember, you are simply offering a demonstration.

I like to say ‘Show it, don’t sell it.’ Ergomotion® is a product that sells itself, it gets customers excited and enhances the benefits of the mattress, not to mention – it can be life-changing.

Keep your customers’ best interest at the heart of everything you do, and keep showing them how we can improve their lifestyle and have them wake up to a new life!

** sources: Philips sleep survey 2016. ISPA reports. **

By Aimee Griffiths, Ergomotion® Sales Manager – Asia Pacific