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Vogue Fyrir – Iceland is the first country selling ErgoSportive™ beds

October 11, 2022

Vogue Fyrir – Iceland is the first country selling ErgoSportive™ beds

VOGUE FYRIR was our first partner to embark on this adventure of introducing this new product to its customers. Vogue invested wisely in assembling a differentiating space to showcase the bed and all its potential and technology, making the entire store environment engaging in terms of sleep quality.

Aside from Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, markets where the ErgoSportive™ can already be ordered online, Icelanders can now experience the beds in real life, ready to be sold through Vogue Fyrir.

Ergomotion® has a long relationship with VOGUE, and we feel pleased that it once again grabbed the opportunity to introduce one more differentiating product into its store.

VOGUE FERYR was one of the partners that accepted the challenge to embrace ErgoSportive™ and has started sales in Iceland. We are confident that, together, we will be successful in this endeavor of helping more people get their SMART SLEEP.

Stein Ragnnarson, Chief Executive Officer at VOGUE FYRIR ICELAND, states, “ErgoSportive™ is a fantastic example of great cooperation of two worldwide known brands, Ergomotion® and Garmin®. For us, to world’s premier ErgoSportive™ was an amazing honor, and it has been a great success.

ErgoSporitve™ is one of a kind bed, and how Ergomotion® has executed the launch with all its marketing material is superb. It has allowed us to run a one-of-a-kind campaign, TV, radio, social media, etc. But first and foremost, the bed is outstanding. The technology is something everybody buying a bed needs to look at because people must have ErgoSportive™ as an option when buying a bed.”

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